Letters to the Editor

Caufield letter: Social media

Seemingly, a real change has been brought on by social media from people who do not appear to have all the facts and, frankly, less wit, and therefore are unfortunately able to bombard our newsfeeds with their political opinions with just the click of a mouse.

Something I saw on Facebook recently just had me irked all day long. It was of a graphic nature. People, we don’t need to see those types of pictures, in order to get your point.

I am typically not one to judge unless I feel strongly that someone has done something in an unintelligent way. You might not know someone’s situation and/or struggles so best to think twice before going onto social media to whine about your absurd beliefs, but rather go whine to someone in person who wishes to hear it.

Facebook is not some acceptance battle for stardom, so please keep your off-colored, reprehensible, political rants and pictures off social media, because yes indeed, you did offend me. Now sure, one could agree that I might be adding insult to injury, so I’ll go repent for my judgment.

Kelly Caufield, Meridian