Letters to the Editor

Matthews letter: End of democracy

The father of democracy, Plato, said, “The end of democracy is anarchy.” He recognized man’s natural tendency for moral decay and the temptation for political leaders to compromise common sense morality for destructive fleshly pleasures.

George Washington said, “The pillars of a free society are grounded in religion (biblical Christianity). Tear down the pillars and the nation will crumble.”

Today, those American pillars are barely noticeable. What happened? Out of control greed, excesses and glorification of sexual immorality, drug addiction, devaluation of marriage and growing disrespect for law and order verify the wisdom of Plato and Washington. Americans have trashed the only source of sanity that keeps the pillars in place: the Holy Bible. The immoral majority have decided to do what is right in their own eyes. There is a price to pay.

However you respond to this letter, do not take time to examine how the discovery of DNA totally dismantled Darwin’s myth of evolution. Without question, just accept what social media expects you to believe. Don’t take the time to read and reflect upon the clear teaching of God’s word (the Bible). What you read might change your life and help to strengthen the pillars.

Mark Matthews, Boise