Letters to the Editor

Casetta letter: Gas/oil bill

Say bye-bye to your pocket book and property rights, folks. Idaho’s legislators voted and 71 percent voted to further erode personal property rights while continuing to lose money. The gas/oil bill, SB1339, is a vote against Idahoans and a vote for out-of-state oil/gas companies. If owners of 55 percent of property in a section elect to drill/lease their land to gas/oil the remaining property owners will be forced to have their property mined for gas/oil whether they own their mineral rights or not. Time frames to counter intrusions has been shortened, which hampers the ability to mount legal recourse, may compromise mortgage insurance, prevents access to discovery material that mineral owners need to mount legal defenses, and shortens time frame for applications to treat wells, while not disclosing chemicals used to drill and possibly store waste/treated water in an open pit on an individual’s property.

The state’s five recipient entities received $72,009.23 while expenditures of $414,715 racked up. Who’s winning? Not property owners, not Idahoans, not schools, not counties/cities that are taking on risk, and not local development.

Legislators in districts 10-22 that voted against SB1339: DeMordaunt, Moyle, Luker, Burgoyne, Kloc, McCrostie, Chew, Gannon, Jordan, King, Rubel, Buckner-Webb, Erpelding, Wintrow.

Victoria Casetta, Boise