Letters to the Editor

Brown letter: GOP and RINOs

Gutless Old Pontificators and the herd of RINOs.

I used to vote Republican on a semi-regular basis, but no more. The Republicans I grew up with:

▪ Believed in industry creation. This bunch killed a legacy industry (horse racing) costing locals millions and hundreds of jobs. They used the constitutional gambling excuse, but look at the lotto machines in any store.

▪ Believed in local government control. Now, not so much, as shown by their legislation restricting a variety issues.

▪ Fiscal responsibility. Not. They have wasted millions on bad decisions concerning internet education (the PRP, primary responsible person, was transferred, good to be a friend of the gov). Their big gov challenges despite guidance to the contrary and look at the health care debacle and the benefits these RINOs receive. Their motto must be take the money and benefits and stay.

▪ Rights of the individual. This bunch only respects the rights of individuals who agree with their ideology.

▪ Land use. These RINOs will greatly restrict hunting and fishing to their friends and buddies. Ask the locals in McCall; I worked in Texas and what just happened is the norm.

It’s not what they say; look at what they do.

Chris Brown, Boise