Letters to the Editor

Fisher letter: 911 operator

Am I the only person who believes that, under some circumstances, our justice system needs changing?

A woman was hired for a responsible position and is being paid fair wages. Her job is to take emergency 911 calls in Houston, Texas, and provide assistance by dispatching the local police and/or fire departments in a timely manner. What happens when she decides that she “doesn’t want to talk to anyone” or that she “ain’t got time for this” and she hangs up on not one or two calls but thousands of calls? We know of at least one occasion on which the delay of a caller having to dial a second time to get assistance may have caused the death of a convenience store manager. What we don’t know is how many more fatalities may have been caused by her actions.

So, what are the consequences of her callousness in possibly threatening the lives of so many people? She was charged with only two misdemeanor counts of interfering with an emergency call. Are you kidding me? How about a charge of at least manslaughter or even murder? I wonder how the family of the convenience store manager feels about the misdemeanor charge.

Helen Fisher, Eagle