Letters to the Editor

Schneider letter: Thank you

I would like to thank Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, for assisting me through a very difficult time. I lost both my parents earlier this year who were married 62 years and were in their 90s.

My father retired from the federal government and my mother was due survivor’s benefits. Unfortunately, the bureaucracy at the Office of Personnel Management was difficult to navigate. After months of red tape, a relative suggested contacting the congressman who could effectively address my concerns, Labrador. His impact was successful and thanks to his intervention, I recently received a check and resolution of this issue. Although it wasn’t a lot of money, I felt it was important to protect my parents’ interest. It also helped defray my mother’s funeral expenses.

Until a relative of mine suggested calling my congressman, I didn’t know such a service was available. For anyone in Idaho having a problem with the federal government, I recommend calling Labrador.

Sheila Schneider, Eagle