Letters to the Editor

Segers letter: Greenbelt riders

I appreciate Davis Straub’s Guest Opinion regarding bike rider’s Greenbelt etiquette. Those of us in the bike community need to raise the awareness of how we behave on the Boise River Greenbelt. I spend a lot of time on the Greenbelt and see way too many bike riders blow pass walkers/joggers without an audible warning. Some are simply jerks but most are folks who are thoughtless and don’t realize the importance of reasonable bike-riding manners.

Where I disagree with Davis is his belief that there are times when verbally announcing you are passing is not necessary. Before passing walkers or joggers, riders should always slow down and make some noise, whether it be a verbal warning, bell or horn. I have found that many people wearing ear buds can hear you. And it is surprising how many people, with or without ear buds, express their appreciation when I pass them with an audible warning.

Gary Segers, founder, Citizens for an Open Greenbelt, Boise