Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: Bennett letter

“Deplorable,” yeah, that’s what Gary Bennett’s letter (Oct. 11) made reference to Trump supporters. It’s also notable that on the same day (Oct. 11), Bill Clinton gave a new term “redneck” to the Trump base. Well this “redneck deplorable” would just like to say it’s a free country (so far), Mr. Bennett, and maybe the San Francisco area would be more to your liking with all those like-minded socialist progressives. Here’s a bonus: It’s a “sanctuary city” to boot. I know many of us Trump supporters living in Emmett might take offense to your comment. I don’t. You see, I have a clear conscience; not being paid $20M for speeches (2013-2015), being cozy with Wall Street, a trail of emails pointing to possible “collusion” with State Department, Department of Justice and the White House. OMG, maybe that person is the definition of a “deplorable.” Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone — John 8:7

Gene Martin, Emmett