Letters to the Editor

Lindstrom letter: Forest fires

Forest fires, climate change and government agency policies. A recent study completed by U of I on climate change and how it has increased the size of forest fires. I wonder, did the study take into account that the Forest Service has adopted a “let it burn” policy. A let it burn policy may have increased the area burned by at least 30-40 percent. Huge impact, such as loss of watershed coverage for 50-60 years, topsoil erosion, topsoil sterilized due to high heat, tons of silt deposited in our storage reservoirs, loss of storage capacity in the reservoirs, air quality during the fire, loss of fishery and big game habitat, the list goes on (Pioneer Fire).

Climate change is a fact of life, been going on for thousands of years, and it is not going to change. The size of forest fires can be reduced by changing how our forests are managed. Maybe faster containment before the fire gets out of control would help.

Lawrence Lindstrom, Boise