Letters to the Editor

Lagergren letter: Nuclear waste

1) No nuclear waste should shipped across the country by rail or road. It is too dangerous for the risk of accidents.

2) All nuclear waste should be stored where it is used, or in the case of the Navy, at their own shipyards. If a nuclear operation can’t store their own waste, then they should not use nuclear power.

3) Idaho is extremely unsafe for storage of nuclear waste because we sit on a mega-volcanic fault.

4) No more nuclear waste of any kind should be shipped to Idaho — ever — period.

5) Our Snake River aquifer is already at risk for nuclear contamination from the waste being stored at INL, which has already leaked into the aquifer previously and would no doubt leak even more in the event of a major earthquake or violent volcano.

Gov. Butch Otter and Attorney General Lawrence Wasden, please stop all attempts to bring any more waste into Idaho, and for the sake of the people of Idaho, please do what you can to get the existing waste cleaned up.

Ginna and Ken Lagergren, Hailey