Letters to the Editor

Hasse letter: Support #FreeBresha

Trumpet Second Amendment? Support #FreeBresha.

For all their trumpeting of the Second Amendment and the right of women to protect themselves with guns, Donald Trump and the NRA’s silence about the case of Bresha Meadows gives Second Amendment voters reason to doubt.

Prior to his death, Jonathon Meadows terrorized his wife and children for over two decades. Meadows repeatedly threatened his family with his .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun; abuse caused 15-20 hospitalizations of his wife, Brandi Meadows. In a 2011 protection order she filed (later dismissed), Brandi Meadows stated “If he finds us, I am 100 percent sure he will kill me and the children.”

July 28, 2016: 14-year-old Bresha Meadows allegedly kills her abusive father with his own gun. October, 2016: Now 15-year-old Bresha, charged with aggravated murder, awaits trial in Trumbull County, Ohio. If convicted, Bresha faces life in prison.

Bresha Meadows is black. Do Trump and the NRA think about what their ads featuring gun-wielding women imply — that only white women have a right to defend themselves with guns?

Shavone Hasse, Boise