Letters to the Editor

Gore letter: Oil and filter

On Monday, Sept. 26, I took my pickup to a local lube and oil change business. I supplied my own oil and filter. The lube tech, after changing my oil and filter, brought out a dirty air filter. He asked me if I wanted him to replace this filter. I told him he had made a mistake, the filter element he showed me was not out of my pickup. He had picked up the wrong filter to show me. My filter had an orange gasket. I had just recently cleaned my own air filter. I am writing this letter to warn those people who might decide to use such a lube and oil change service to be sure all parts they are shown are indeed from their vehicle.

With advent of synthetic motor oils, modern engines can run 10 to 12 years with the same oil and same synthetic oil filter. The days of “3 months or 3,000 miles” are history. The higher price of the synthetic is negated by its durability.

Kenneth Gore, Boise