Letters to the Editor

Draper letter: Oppose the TPP

John Kasich, in his recent op-ed to the Statesman is dead wrong. The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is not about national security. It’s about taking away America’s sovereignty and handing it over to multinational corporations.

The deal is a trade agreement worked out between 12 countries that was written in secrecy by more than 500 corporate lawyers for the benefit of multinational corporations. The trade deal supersedes the laws of the U.S., allowing corporations to sue the U.S. if our local, state or national laws and regulations hinder the profits of those corporations.

Idaho’s congressional delegation needs to vote “no” on the partnership, and they need to make their opposition public before the election. Free trade deals should be open to the public and support U.S. independent farmers and ranchers, manufacturing workers and consumers. The partnership is nothing but a multinational corporate power grab.

Contact your members of Congress today and tell them to speak out publicly about their opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Breland Draper, Boise