Letters to the Editor

Dixon letter: Recycle all you can

As an afterthought you might be interested in what a little perseverance can accomplish.

I have an almost full one-gallon storage bag of rubber bands salvaged from our home delivered Idaho Statesman. Actually this is the third batch collected over several years. The first filled a large shoe box, and was put out for the carrier to reuse. The second was one of these one-gallon plastic bags filled to the limit, and put out for reuse. This one-gallon bag is not quite full yet, but in its time will be put out for the carrier to reuse.

We recycle all that we can. We subscribe to three newspapers. All of those, the cardboard, the catalogs and the piles of advertisements from the politicians soliciting money, go into the Kiwanis dumpsters at the Les Schwab parking lot across from Meridian Speedway.

All the plastic, cans and the metal lids from the glass jars (not the glass jars themselves) go in our red-topped recycle cans for pickup.

Fritz R. Dixon, Meridian