Letters to the Editor

Cromwell letter: Idaho’s GOP

Idaho’s Boss Hoggs.

Idaho’s Republican party leadership — governor and Legislature — like to beat up the feds, but my question is, “How are they different?” Our Republican leaders:

▪  Give away tax credits, leaving affected communities to pick up the tab;

▪  Override local control on mineral leases and local option taxes;

▪  Dodge accountability while violating established procedures (Education Network for example);

▪  Advocate public land grabs and special land owner privileges for the likes of the Wilks Brothers despite overwhelming opposition from Idahoans;

▪  Squander mega-millions in tax dollars on frivolous lawsuits against the advice of their own AG, Lawrence Wasden (who is usually right);

▪  Push another power-grabbing constitutional amendment that has already been voted on by the people;

▪  Insert themselves into doctor/patient relationships in the cause of right-to-life of unborns while dodging the plight of children needlessly dying under the guise of religious freedom (see faith healing); and

▪  Interfere with elections through closed primaries, attempted gerrymandering (see Secretary of State Denney), and withholding funding from duly elected Republican incumbents who don’t walk the party line.

Like I said, Boss Hoggs, but without the comedic relief. These guys could give the feds lessons.

Cliff Cromwell, Boise