Letters to the Editor

Tidwell letter: Day of the Girl

Oct. 11 was International Day of the Girl. This day is important because girls and women are not treated fairly. There are zero countries in the world where women’s wages equal the wages of men, only 50 percent of girls over the age 15 can read or write, and 53 percent of 13-year-old girls say they are unhappy with their body. We all have heard about the times when women could not go to school, vote, own property, and think “today is different, I know women who do all these things.” However, in reality, girls are still treated unfairly. Society has put pressure on girls to be “pretty” or “delicate.” But there are so many girls I know that don’t want their looks to determine how they are treated. This puts pressure on girls to “fit in.” I think one thing that will help with not only women’s rights, but with a lot of other problems in the world, is being a visionary. The definition of a visionary is “one having unusual foresight or imagination.” We need to have a vision of what the perfect world would be like and take actions to move towards realizing a better world.

Katie Tidwell, Boise