Letters to the Editor

Sirhall letter: U of I killing cats

I read with absolute horror and disgust the article discussing the University of Idaho’s killing machine (the trapping and killing of feral cats). There must be a settling of accounts. I have several undergraduate degrees from the U of I and now I’m tainted with their scandalous behavior, as is every Idahoan. In my opinion, the school has lost focus and allowed academia to slowly deteriorate. Time to clean house and release any and all department heads involved in the program, all the way up to, and including, the president. We need intelligent folks who know how to run a university, and who will not allow such degrading, disgusting, abhorrent and basically not nice behavior to occur so that the rest of us Idahoans, who actually love and care for their animals, are not branded with the shame.

Larry Sirhall, Boise