Letters to the Editor

Perrin letter: Hardest vote

Observing this political season’s fervor, I have composed letters to the editor like others. However, in so doing I am reminded of the hardest vote of all. We, that is, none of us will be “freed” by a politician. However, one hard vote can liberate ourselves. When we step alone into the voting booth in a few weeks, my hope is that we see at the bottom of our ballot, only visible to us, printed in pure gold, and in large Calibri font lettering, our name. Why? In reality, our real problems in this life, our bondages, are in the mirror. If we will look at the mirror again, closely, we will see the solution to our problems. I hope with that realization, we will with vigor and energy grab the lever (or “check” the ballot) and cast a vote for ourselves before we vote for anyone else. All of us have discouraging, despondent moments, and are influence by environment and social fads. Yet we are not made of ordinary clay. May we say, “This is who am I today, but this is who I will be tomorrow.”

Scott Perrin, Cottonwood