Letters to the Editor

Lowery letter: Saving salmon

Unless bypass work starts on at least one of the lower Snake River dams this November, the Steelhead and Salmon runs are headed for extinction.

Biologists predict that the gene pool for wild fish will be gone in as little as three years and the gene pool for hatchery fish gone in as little as five years.

These dams have a return to taxpayers of less than 15 cents on the dollar. The millions spent on options that do not work would be better spent on dams that are viable.

Idaho sends over 127,000 acre-feet each year downriver to spill over the dams. This has not worked to save more smolt.

Irrigation and aquifer recharge needs could better use this water.

Barge shipping out of Lewiston is almost nonexistent.

The Port of Lewiston makes its money in other ventures.

Grain farmers are shipping by rail.

If these fish are allowed to go extinct, First Nations People will be suing for billions of dollars.

This is according to valid treaty agreements.

Idaho taxpayers will pay their share.

These fish have a right to live, beyond our needs.

Odos Lowery, civil engineer, forestry and wildlife biologist, Boise