Letters to the Editor

Paige letter: Postal Service

Let’s “think outside the mailbox” and take a look how the U.S. Postal Service is more than just a delivery service to the people of America.

Did you know that it is one of America’s most valued treasures using no taxes for income and employing veterans seeking jobs? The USPS serves big towns, little towns and rural areas of this country. It mostly doesn’t require patrons a fee to receive mail. It binds this nation together in a way like no other form of communication can, starting with just 47 cents per letter. It’s a special kind of “magic” that comes around almost every day to homes and businesses.

The USPS could produce even more “magic” by expanding its services for banking needs, voting by mail, and grocery delivery. The trust is already there; you just have to take advantage of it.

During the holiday season, many Americans look forward to receiving cards and packages from dedicated employees who care about “delivering the love.”

Caring about our patrons is what letter carriers do.

Thank you for your continued support.

John Paige, president, Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers