Letters to the Editor

Lauber letter: Bonds and taxes

Next month Meridian residents are facing three bond issues. Western Ada Recreation District wants to build two indoor pools costing taxpayers about $24 per $100,000 taxable evaluation. For me that means about $40. CWI wants a building bond issue, an additional $40 tax increase, and also proposed increasing property taxes from the present $16 to $32 per $100,000. That’s another $24 for me. The library wants a bond they say will cost $11 per $100,000, about another $18 to me. These taxes would add another $122 a year to my property taxes. In 2008 these taxes were about $800 . Last year they were over $1,800. No pension raise in nine years. Social Security raises have been almost nonexistent. We seniors cannot pay any more.

Lowell R. Lauber, Meridian