Letters to the Editor

Humm letter: Australian gun laws

Democrat Party leaders Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have called for “Australian gun laws” in the United States. In the 1980s, various Australian states began requiring registration and permission to own guns. In 1996, all Australian states subscribed to the National Firearms Agreement, instituted through the Australian Police Ministers Council. From that date, Australia banned a wide variety of the now-registered, previously legal firearms.

Australia banned all handguns, semi-automatic rifles and shotguns, and all pump-action rifles and shotguns (including your Remington 870 hunting shotgun), except for security guards and the police. All these previously legal guns had to be handed in by Sept. 30, 1997. People were paid a token amount for their guns, which were then destroyed by the Australian government.

Today, any Australian citizen who wishes to own a gun must have a police-issued license, which must be renewed often. Quoting the New South Wales Police, “Personal protection is no reason to have a gun. Under the present gun laws, personal and property protection are no longer considered acceptable reasons to possess any type of firearm, or to get a license.” Hillary Clinton is dishonest when she says she “doesn’t want to take your guns.”

Peter Humm, Mountain Home