Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Obamacare

In responding to Dana Milbank’s commentary on health care titled “Obamacare alarms no longer register,” I believe that just because he declares nothing apocalyptic has happened doesn’t mean he has proved that to be true. Just because it was not an issue in the presidential debate does not mean it is a nonissue, either. Lester Holt tightly controlled what questions were asked in order to make Hillary look good. He did not mention Benghazi, email servers, nor Obamacare.

Bernie Sanders made it an issue and declared Obamacare to be a disaster and is delighted to see it fail in order to usher in a single-payer system of health care.

Bill Clinton called it the craziest thing in the world because premiums have doubled and coverage has been cut in half. From 2013 to 2014 premiums increased an average of 49 percent. Administrative costs alone this year are $274 billion.

Insurers are withdrawing from the system. United Health, the largest U.S. insurer, has withdrawn from 27 states and sells only in three because they lost $475 million. Over 31 million people are still uninsured.

All that Obamacare has promised has failed. It is collapsing under its own weight.

Barbara Howard, Nampa