Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: Islamist refugees

I looked up, “Council on American-Baptist Relations,” “American-Catholic Relations,” “American-Hindu,” “American-Presbyterian,” Shinto, Buddhist, etc. There are none. On at least two of the lists, was “Council on American-Islamic Relations.”

There’s an organization for relations between the United States as a political entity and Islam because Islam is a political entity. I believe Islam is not a religion; it is an entire societal structure. It’s one that insists that Islam should be the only accepted one in the world; and its adherents seek to establish that by force or by overwhelming numbers.

Bringing Mohammedan “refugees” here facilitates increasing their percentage of our population, working to get Islamists elected to office (as some have, already in Michigan) where they will endeavor to change our laws to comply with their “sharia” law.

The most effective way to help refugees is through private donations to aid for them in their own country. So, thousands that could be spent on food and shelter for them isn’t wasted on transportation; and U.S. taxpayers’ taxes aren’t consumed on food stamps, subsidized housing, medicine, etc.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell