Letters to the Editor

Ford letter: Air traffic controllers

According to the Winter 2016 edition of the “Litigator,” published by Mountain States Legal Foundation, Obama’s Federal Aviation Administration threw out 2,000-3,500 air traffic controller graduates of 36 aviation colleges in 23 States and Puerto Rico; instead, hiring random people who “reflect our diverse customers.” Why discard this highly trained workforce? Obama cares more about appearances than safety.

The test based on knowledge of radar scope, approach control and specific language equipping a single controller to monitor, safely guiding up to 25 aircraft simultaneously through crowded airspace over dense population centers and across the nation was replaced with questions such as, “What high school sports did you play?” and “How did classmates perceive your personality?”

After 3.5 months of radar scope simulator training, students either “get the picture” or they don’t. It’s pass or fail. It’s not something one learns on the job. People hired to conform to “affirmative action” fail at high rates, causing some airports to be understaffed by as much as one third. Many Controllers, therefore consistently work 48-hour weeks. It is accurately called the ultimate high stress job.

If these graduates, now suing the administration for reinstatement, are successful, we all win. The FAA’s disregard for human life endangers us all.

Darryl Ford, Caldwell