Letters to the Editor

Bergeson letter: Thank you

Kevin Kirk and Sally Tibbs didn’t miss a beat Oct. 9 as they celebrated four and one-half decades of sharing their talents. Over the years you could catch them at Chandlers, the Riverside’s Sapphire Room, jazz festivals here and there including Sun Valley, country clubs, PBS and private parties.

The venue was familiar. Kevin delivered his keyboard in high fashion as only a maestro can. The beauty inside and out of Sally with her melodic voice entertained the audience for three hours in the courtyard of the A’Tavola Café.

They told jokes, stories of their experiences, harmonized together in song, laughed at themselves and when Sally sang “I’ll Be Seeing You,” there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, including Sally’s.

They thanked us for supporting them and for attending their performances allowing us to be a part of their lives and for sharing their warmth, their love and their gift of music. Like a delicious dessert we always want more. And more is what we hope to get.

Thank you, Sally and Kevin, for what you have given Treasure Valley music lovers over the years.

Jan Bergesen, Boise