Letters to the Editor

Ward letter: Ken Starr

This universe is a strange place. Once again, Kenneth Starr was in the news involving a sex-based scandal, although this time it was substantially different. As you remember, Starr was an attorney for Kirkland & Ellis involved in fighting the Clinton-led government litigation against the tobacco companies which eventually resulted in the $206 billion settlement to cover the medical expenses incurred by Medicare/Medicaid patients (as punishment for lying about the addictive powers of nicotine).

Surprisingly, Starr was appointed special counsel to investigate the death of Vince Foster (eventually ruled a suicide in 1997) while still employed by Kirkland & Ellis, although in an apparent conflict of interest expanded his investigation in 1998 to examine Bill Clinton’s sex life. Finally, after four-plus years and $39.2 million in taxpayer dollars, Starr struck gold.

For his diligence, Starr was rewarded with the presidency/chancellor position at Baylor University. In one of the great political ironies, Starr was deeply involved in the cover-up and failure to investigate at least six rapes by Baylor athletes from 2009 to 2016. As a result Starr was removed from office for his role and commented that he “willingly accepted responsibility.” I guess that Kenneth Starr wasn’t as motivated this time.

Dudley Ward, Kuna