Letters to the Editor

Two Eagles letter: Look right for pedestrians

The alley intersection at North Stockton and North Orchard streets is hazardous to pedestrians coming down the sidewalk (the Orchard hill) towards Chinden. This alley (North Stockton Street) is blind to pedestrians due to a brick building up to the sidewalk. Pedestrians not familiar with this intersection could benefit from warning signs, e.g. Look Left for Exiting Vehicles, Blind Alley. And on those in vehicles exiting North Stockton Street (the alley) onto Orchard and up the hill. ...

As a daily user of the sidewalk down the Orchard hill, I know drivers using this alley to exit onto Orchard rarely look to the right before turning to the right. All are focused to the left, watching for traffic turning off of Chinden and onto Orchard. Some do not make a complete stop and are surprised to see a pedestrian standing right there, on their right, as they turn right. These drivers have a Stop sign and a No Left Turn sign. They could benefit from a warning sign: Look Right for Pedestrians.

Colorado Two Eagles, Boise