Letters to the Editor

Edwards letter: Crisis centers

In late 2015, the Northern Idaho Crisis Center opened its doors in Coeur d’Alene, providing hundreds of adults in Idaho’s 10 northern counties immediate, effective help with behavioral health or substance abuse issues.

In the first quarter of 2016, the center estimates that it has saved the region over $404,000 by keeping its clients out of hospitals or jails. Imagine that multiplied throughout the year and the state. Although the savings matter, people are more important. Clients have learned about resources and have been met with help in every possible way.

The League of Women Voters of Idaho believes this type of center is needed throughout the state. Our lawmakers need to provide funding for centers to help Idahoans and promote a safer, healthier state. The women’s league is committed to not just educating and registering voters, but also to securing basic rights for the people including access to mental health care. Urge your representatives to support funding for these centers, and to take mental health care of their constituents seriously.

For more information on the Northern Idaho Crisis Center, see their website at nicrisiscenter.org/services/. To get involved with your local league, please see our website at lwvid.orgq

Judy Edwards, Coeur d’Alene