Letters to the Editor

Bennett letter: Donald Trump

Is Donald Trump aiding and abetting America’s enemies?

That is the question that every American should be asking after Trump said he pays little or no taxes (“That makes me smart.” “It would be squandered ... ”).

So Trump apparently believes it’s “smart” not to fund our military. And Trump apparently believes it’s “smart” not to fund our infrastructure (which he has said is falling apart). But then Trump doesn’t need roads and bridges — he has his own private jet.

By bragging about paying little or no taxes, Trump is encouraging his followers to do likewise (just as his racist and misogynistic rants have encouraged the darker elements of American society).

If Trump is indeed encouraging people to pay no taxes, is he doing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s work of gutting our military? How much Russian and Chinese money is shown in Trump’s tax returns?

It’s deplorable that a scoundrel such as Trump has gotten this far. And the people who have put him there are equally deplorable.

Gary Bennett, Emmett