Letters to the Editor

Bartlett letter: Labrador not helpful

I couldn’t agree more with Cory Sampson’s Sept. 26 letter. I personally wouldn’t vote for Raul Labrador for dog catcher. Why? In 2012, I contacted his office for assistance to obtain my husband’s duly earned Purple Heart. The problem? Documentation. You see, when a soldier is in a war zone, becomes injured in a Huey helicopter, lands for additional fuel for the next round of fighting, the ground medic doesn’t have a great deal of time to document your injury.

Rep. Labrador and his office staff’s answer to me? “Obtain the documentation from Army records and statements from witnesses and re-contact my office.” I did just that. The gathering took months. I again contacted his office and received no assistance at all from him or his office. Subject dropped — The End. And no official recognition for my husband. Sad.

And term limits? You bet. I suggest no more than two terms, and then our politicians have to live in the real world. No special retirement bonuses, medical insurance packages and their salary for the time in service goes towards their Social Security. Nothing “special.” Wish to run again? Wait at least one full term and then have at it.

Shelley M. Bartlett, Meridian