Letters to the Editor

Phillips letter: Charter schools

I’d be interested to learn the specific motivation behind awkwardly forcing a pro-charter school angle into the human interest piece profiling young entrepreneur Dason Lock. Since the business venture was inspired by his dad, and his emergence as a small-business owner had preceded his enrollment in the charter school by a couple of years, there’s absolutely no reason, outside “subtly” embedding an editorial opinion, to define him, in the headline as “Charter school student.” This clearly, per how a headline works, is attempting to imply that his apparently essential identity as a charter school student has created his current success. Just as irrelevant to the actual focus of the article is the young man’s criticism of Vallivue High School. Again, without pointing out that he, while listening to these anonymously interchangeable teachers pointlessly droning, was already running a repair shop, the implication is clearly that the necessary first step to a precocious business career is escaping the drudgery of a public education. The article seems to be endorsing this online school based solely on the fact that the students have free time during the day. Hopefully, that won’t become the new standard with which we measure the quality of education.

Adam Phillips, Boise