Letters to the Editor

Ingersoll letter: Medicaid

On Sept. 28 I had the opportunity to listen to the Medicaid expansion testimony of people from all across Idaho. The majority of people testifying were in favor of expanding medical services to the 78,000 Idaho citizens in need of health care services. The individuals testifying were health professionals, the Idaho Sheriffs Association, health districts administrators, county commissioners, concerned citizens and individuals in need of health services.

The committee members listened, asked questions and took notes. I left the hearing room wondering whether the committee members would shed their political agendas and their personnel feelings and make the humanitarian and business decision to provide medical services to Idaho’s needy?

Yes, I understand this is a complex problem requiring a thoughtful solution for what is best for all Idaho citizens. As individuals who testified stated, “I ask, I plead, I beg” you to make a decision. Please, no more needless deaths, no more special committees, no more hearings, no more studies — take a risk, use the facts and make a decision to provide the health services to 78,000 people.

Leverage the knowledge of local experts and states that are experienced in solving this problem.

Diane Ingersoll, Boise