Letters to the Editor

Bianchetti letter: Trump

Wow, what an election this is going to be. I have never seen such name calling, bashing, lying and you name it. Too bad that Trump and Clinton can’t duke it out on the playground. Trump is a double talker (debate verified that with 80 lies) and Hillary at least fessed up to the email scandal.... How about some of Trump’s? He won’t disclose his IRS returns, filed bankruptcy, stated that he, his family come first, and then us others to pick up the pieces. Wants to police the nation like he was Sheriff John, blames everyone but himself. Too much hair dye, Donald, and quit bashing women. As the Bible says, “It is better to flee to the desert on a roof top than to deal with a contentious woman.” My vote matters, so my best bet is for Hillary, due to the fact she does have more experience in politics than beauty queens and celebrity shows. We are the people both of you will be accountable for. Whatever all of you do, vote. If you don’t, you’ll have no say. People died so we could vote.

Karen Bianchetti, Boise