Letters to the Editor

Worthley Letter: Vote Schmid

In the Sept. 19 edition of the Idaho Statesman, Sen. Maryanne Jordan gives a very well-written argument as to why Medicaid expansion is right for Idaho. Thank you, Sen. Jordan, but you might as well be whistling in the wind. Your theory is for people with open minds, not those who are locked into the ideology that “the poor deserve all they suffer.” For the fourth year in a row, a working group of legislators met and, based on their previous discussion and their ideology, we can expect nothing will change. Given the bias of Sen. “just work a little harder” Lodge and Rep. “let’s found a charity” Boyle, I am not surprised. After all, they have an excellent taxpayer-funded health plan, so what’s the problem? The problem is that they don’t care about the working poor. The only way we will ever see justice done is through force — the force of the ballot box. In District 9 we have a clear choice in candidate Allen Schmid. He will represent all his constituents, not just a few.

Steve Worthley, Weiser