Letters to the Editor

Simmons Letter: Elections

It’s time for change, Idaho. In the 114th Congress, Idaho Representatives Raul Labrador and Mike Simpson voted against H.R. 1619, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and against H.R. 2680, the Campus Sexual Violence Act. They also voted against H.J. Res 22, a constitutional amendment that would have helped eliminate big money from our elections and put the focus back on voters.

On the Senate side, Mike Crapo also voted against paycheck fairness, against providing access to advocates for victims of college sexual violence, and against removing big money from our elections.

As an Idahoan, I am enraged that our politicians will not support fair pay, safe campuses and campaign reforms. We need to elect people who will protect voters instead of just themselves and their big-money interests.

Idaho has three very good candidates to replace our “vote no” incumbents. James Piotrowski, Jennifer Martinez and Jerry Sturgill are all honest, hardworking Idahoans who will promote workplace fairness, campus safety and citizen rights instead of big money.

Linda Simmons, Boise