Letters to the Editor

Harrison Letter: Trump at debate

One could not notice how ill-prepared Donald Trump was for his first debate with Hillary Clinton. Weeks earlier he even bragged that he really didn’t need to prepare. That of course is in keeping with his unique style of bravado that many find so attractive. But every now and then, a time comes when “being prepared” is important, when factual knowledge is essential.

What Trump and his supporters fail to understand is that by not being prepared, he is showing a great deal of disrespect for them and the prospect of being president. By demonstrating his negative attitude towards debate preparation, he reveals that he is intellectually lazy. Will this bad attitude toward being prepared carry over to the White House if he were to win? Can America afford an intellectually lazy president?

In a debate, being ill-prepared means mistakes are inevitable (he made more than a few). But if a president is intellectually lazy, any mistakes he or she might make could be catastrophic.

Does Trump owe it to his supporters to at least do a little homework for the debates? Doesn’t winning a debate mean getting a step or two closer to winning the White House? If not, why even bother?

Richard Harrison, Boise