Letters to the Editor

Miller Letter: Birth Defects

Babies are born with birth defects every day such as malformed or missing limbs and learning disabilities causing challenges for them as humans as well as the people who are tasked with raising them. Doctors have been able to have a baby pre-screened for genetic markers of known birth defects for a while, but now it is being said that doctors can manipulate those genes to make a baby that is born healthy. Some people believe, however, that this is giving too much power to doctors and allowing them to play God. For example, the way in which doctors could manipulate the gene for a cleft lip would be the same way a doctor could manipulate the eye color of a child. Doctors should not be given the role of God or be allowed to mutate any gene that isn’t going to be a burden on the future child’s life. Guidelines and regulations would need to be set when this technology is put into use. This new discovery will have the majority of babies that would have been born with birth defects being born healthy, and taking away the burden that birth defects place on the child and their guardians.

Maddie Miller, Boise