Letters to the Editor

Chase letter: Smug GOP

What are our state House and Senate leaders going to do? Adultery is a felony. They sifted through the financial records, rightfully so, to make sure the two miscreants did not abuse state funds.

Now law-and-order Republican leaders and voters have to decide what to do with two admitted felons running for the House and Senate. Smug, hypocritical Republicans have always been happy to throw gay men under the bus for sodomy, but the U.S. Supreme Court took that jolly fun away. What to do with these two admitted felons?

Perhaps when smug, hypocritical Republicans re-elect them, we’ll see them and our state Republican leadership fast-track a co-sponsored Guthrie-Perry bill to abolish our adultery and fornication laws. Yes, single folks, you’re lawbreakers, too.

Am sure we’ll see that bill zip through the Legislature even faster than the Republicans denied expanding Medicaid last session. It’s all about obeying the law.

Dallas Chase, Boise