Letters to the Editor

Tillberg letter: Bullying

Bullying in our society has reached epidemic proportions. Locally, we have experienced the consequences of bullying by an increased number of teen suicides. Recently, a 9-year-old third-grade boy in West Virginia committed suicide as a result of bullying at school. I can’t imagine his parents’ anguish because of the loss of their precious son. Nationally, this has happened over and over in many schools and cities.

How do young kids and teenagers come to the conclusion that it is OK to bully people? Well, look at our national political scene. The prevailing attitude is: If you don’t agree with me, I’m going to throw you out, or shut you up. If I don’t like you or don’t want you in my country (homeroom, school, town), I’m going to harass or bully you until you leave or build a wall so you can’t come in.

Whatever happened to the Golden Rule? To the God-fearing Christian Republicans in our great state: Please be prudent when considering your presidential vote in November. And be careful what you ask for. I believe we are a kinder, gentler society than to have our nation led by a bully.

Maureen Tillberg, Sandpoint