Letters to the Editor

Swanson letter: Cleaning post office

After letting the Eagle post office know I was displeased with the cleanliness of the facility (it is covered with thick cobwebs and needs a good sweeping and cleaning of the doormats), I decided that after a year and it was still not clean, to take a broom to the cobwebs when I was picking up my mail. I was sweeping the front walk when the postmaster came out and told me I had to stop and leave. That they have a contract with someone to do it. I said it has been like this for years, and I am taking 10 minutes to spruce it up, because I have pride in my community. He again said I had to leave — something about liability — guess I might hurt myself or someone with a broom. Wow, I am shocked. No good deed goes unpunished. I will still carry a trash bag when I ride my bike or walk and pick up trash ... will they stop me from that, too?

Kären Swanson, Eagle