Letters to the Editor

Yount letter: No to Donald Trump

Donald Trump, again.

When Donald Trump first appeared on the political scene, I was amused. When he destroyed his rivals in the Republican primaries, I was entertained. When he became the Republican nominee for president, I was frightened.

His solutions to definitive questions concerning the national debt, deficit and budget are evasive and nebulous. His tax plan benefits himself and his cronies. His embrace of the military is phony. His showy concern for veterans is political. His coziness with the radical right is alarming. His deportation schemes are unfair and unworkable. His job creation boasts are empty talk. His plan to eliminate corporate tax havens is nonexistent.

His sudden friendship with the National Rifle Association is grovelling. His denigrating of the sitting president is obscene. His inner circle of advisers are fawning. His cadre of washed-up politicos is embarrassing. His parroting of alt-right propaganda is bizarre.

His ad-lib diatribes are rambling and negative. His solutions to any foreign crisis are simplistic. His scream-filled speeches leave me with tinnitus. When he says he’ll never lie to the American people, he’s lying. And his November defeat at the polls and his return to Trump Tower will be welcomed.

Tom Yount, Boise