Letters to the Editor

Wardwell letter: Labrador opinion

Raul Labrador’s Sept. 15 opinion fails to recognize that forest fires may have “natural” causes but they are exacerbated by climate change. Our forests are burning sooner, longer, bigger and hotter due to climate change. He has resisted doing anything about it claiming it’s too expensive to mitigate. The science and economics prove that Labrador is wrong.

If Labrador wants more federal spending fighting forest fires as a “natural disaster,” then logically he should also agree to stop tropical diseases such as the Zika virus in 30 states. He said, “It’s not my issue.” Hypocritically, in 2014 Labrador voted against the budget that had wildfire suppression for Idaho. Mike Simpson voted for Idaho.

Labrador also voted for amendment 1195 to prohibit defense spending on climate change that would’ve protected America’s naval bases from sea levels rise. The New York Times article by Justin Gillis describes science warnings of sea rise would eventually imperil are no longer theoretical: nyti.ms/2ccU1nT

Thankfully, Rep. Simpson was more practical putting economics and military preparedness ahead of ideology.

Spending money to prevent “natural” disasters from human-caused climate change saves taxpayers money in the long run. Labrador’s votes against climate change mitigation but for dirty energy is harmful for our future.

Ed Wardwell, Boise