Letters to the Editor

Pittman letter: Idaho GOP heaven

As a very proud progressive, I never thought I would have anything in common with Raul Labrador. However, lo and behold, after reading the Statesman on Sept. 14, I find we share a similar frustration.

Raul can’t get the “Republican leadership” to start impeachment proceedings on the IRS chief, and we progressives can’t get a hearing on Judge Garland, the Supreme Court nominee. I was further enthralled when the Republican National Committee co-chief informed me I was living in GOP heaven right here in Idaho.

I decided to further explore this heavenly domain. In doing so, I found out that in 2015 Idaho was ranked ninth out of 50 states in the percentage of people making at or below the minimum wage. Data from 2014 reflect that Idaho was ranked 46th in per capita income. Idaho is ranked 49th in education spending per pupil and ranked 42nd in access to health care.

Despite our pride, Idaho is ranked 17th in dependency on the federal government for spending revenues. More heavenly, Idaho is ranked third in federal reimbursement for its social programs. Better to receive than give I say. Yep, guess this is indeed Republican heaven

Bill Pittman, Boise