Letters to the Editor

Mingay letter: Muslim holiday article

The front page article on Tuesday, Sept. 13, with regards to the Muslin holiday of Eid was interesting. Said Ahmed-Zaid stated that what they are celebrating is the story of Abraham’s offering of his son Ishmael. The Hebrew Scriptures clearly state that the son who was offered was Isaac. Mr. Ahmed-Zaid stated that this difference is small and what is important is the moral of the story.

Actually the difference is huge, in fact the problems between Jews and Muslims is directly influenced by this very important fact. The story of Abraham was written around 1872 B.C. The Quran was not written until around 644 A.D. The promise as to which child was chosen by God has everything to do with the state of Israel and whose God is the true God. It is either Allah, or God the Father as revealed in the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. It also has a huge bearing on which group, Jew or Muslim, was the land promised to. And the answer to this question is what the Middle East conflict is all about.

Madeline P. Mingay, Boise