Letters to the Editor

Mickey letter: No to Trump

Let’s not forget, folks, that Donald Trump is running for president and not Mike Pence. The Republicans keep talking Pence. He will buffer Trump.

If you, like I, have watched Trump, he and his actions have been deplorable. If you are of reasonable intelligence you know what Hillary Clinton meant with her “deplorable” comment. Trump says to the black community, “What have you got to lose?” voting for him. We have everything to lose, mainly our dignity. Trump’s son said they took a lot of money out of Russia. Trump says he’s never had any ties with Russia. Lie after lie.

Come on, we’re not stupid. The only thing Trump is qualified for is the starring role in the remake of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” I want to see his taxes, how about you? Dick Cavett was asked, “If you could interview Donald Trump, what would be your first question?” He answered, “When can you go away and never be seen again?” Amen. Don’t forget Donald’s actions and vile rhetoric. America cannot be led by a phony bully.

Richard L. Mickey, Boise