Letters to the Editor

McCarthy letter: Donald Trump

Pillory Hillary, but Trump trumps himself as: the incarnation of insane Gen. Jack T. Ripper (Sterling Hayden) in filmdom’s greatest black comedy, “Dr. Strangelove” (1964). Why?

Ripper claims commie fluoridation of water supplies has contaminated and “sapped” his “essence.” Now, Trump lauds Russian dictator Putin, regarding whom Trump has a man crush.

Putin has shaped DJT into Trump Pravda. Yet, combine Trump’s wholesale racist and bigoted language with his “hardening” and “softening” immigration stance: signifying struggles with “pollution” of “essence.”

Commies are currently not problematic, but invading, barbarian Latinos are. Trump doesn’t want American “essence” nor his own diluted by Latino “extranjeros” (interlopers).

A Great Chinese Wall on the American-Mexican border will symbolically cement Anglo-Saxon “essence,” purity, potency. Trump maintains this edifice (not Oedipus) Rex could later be named “Trump Wall.”

His diminished “essence” mirrors his campaign motto: “Make America Great Again,” code for “Make America White Again.”

Moreover, many Trump sycophantic followers are among the alt-[alternative]right coalition. Alt-right: code for white supremacy, further code not for brown skin, but gestapo brown clothing.

Trump’s campaign executive formerly ran a clearly racist Internet site, Breitbart. Editor claims site isn’t racist, contributors just hate Jews.

Voting prerequisite: View “Dr. Strangelove.” You’ll die — laughing.

Patrick McCarthy, Ph.D., Boise