Letters to the Editor

Lindley letter: Interfaith camp

My thanks go to Bill Roberts and the Statesman for the story about Under the Tent of Abraham interfaith camp that was held at the First Congregational Church in August. I was disappointed, however, that Dr. Lori Conlon Khan, an originator of the idea, and present organizer from our church, was only depicted as “one of the campers” in the picture (though she could be mistaken for one of the kids). While teaching in the Boise school system and raising three young children with her husband, Ather Khan, in a two-faith family, she helped start “Peace Village.” Over the years it went through changes at the church, but was later discontinued. Several years ago with her then-high school age daughter, Khadija, Lori took it on again. Last year it was renamed “Under the Tent of Abraham,” and our Muslim and Jewish communities have wholeheartedly embraced and participated in the program to help our young people learn about the common base of our three faiths and an opportunity to share an exciting week getting to know each other better. Thank you, Lori, for your dedication to our children.

Cheri Lindley, Boise