Letters to the Editor

Lindbloom letter: Informed voters

Be an informed voter.

Up until Nov. 8 there will be an army of social activists sliding out of their foxholes at all the major news outlets in an attempt to change your perception of Donald Trump. Their “plan” is for you to never hear anything good about Trump. They will distort his activities and speeches and outright lie. The majority of Americans are busy people and may only pick up snippets of “news” in their daily activities. Since self-proclaimed Democratic journalists outnumber Republicans 4-to-1 it’s not surprising that the news you are likely to get will paint Trump in a negative slant as compared to Hillary Clinton. Consider who is giving you the “story.” Listen to Trump’s speeches and then make your own educated decision based on your own analysis and not the engineered news stories. In person videos will reveal what the journalists will twist and leave out. If Hillary wins that means there are more of them than there are of us ... and I don’t mean Republicans. More of the “I want what you have more than I want what I can earn for myself” types. At that point, America as we knew it, is gone.

James Lindbloom, Caldwell