Letters to the Editor

Huston letter: No to Hillary

Regarding the Sept. 2 letter from MaryAnn Shuker — No, we haven’t lost our minds in wanting Trump to be president. To the contrary, if we would settle for a blatant, foul-mouthed liar who has nothing but disdain for the “little people” such as the military as Secret Service who have served under her, as crooked and corrupt a politician as there has been in America during my lifetime, then our sanity could be questioned.

Donald Trump is “self-centered”? I’m pretty certain, from the tone of Shuker’s letter, that she has no problem with the guy currently occupying the Oval Office, a guy who is so self-centered that some psychologists have ventured that he may suffer from a narcissistic personality disorder, who has accomplished little in his life other than to bamboozle the American voters, twice. Shuker’s worried about a man who built a multibillion-dollar empire and created 34,000 jobs, being “self centered”?

Trump is a “dictator in the making”? A Hillary Clinton campaign operative has promised to “shut down” the Breitbart website? No president has abused the “executive order” process more than Obama. The truly insane vote is a vote for Hillary.

Ken Huston, Garden City